At the heart of the SINAPSE vision is the fundamental foundation that drives our translational outcomes. Our internationally-recognized SINAPSE Investigators are pioneering major advances in the fields of robotics, neuroprostheses, neuromorphic engineering, cognitive sciences/engineering, as well as drug and biomarker discovery, among many others.


Neural coding


Work in the labs of Dr. Camilo Libedinsky and Dr. Shih-Cheng Yen has made major contributions to the fields of brain-machine interfacing, neuroprosthetics, and beyond.

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Parthasarathy, A., Herikstad, R., Bong, J. H., Medina, F. S., Libedinsky, C.*, & Yen, S. C.* (2017). Mixed selectivity morphs population codes in prefrontal cortex. Nature Neuroscience, 1-10. (full text + suppl.)

Read the accompanying highlight in Nature Reviews Neuroscience.

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NUS News

Asian Scientist

Medical Xpress

Y. Mokri, R. F. Salazar, B. Goodell, J. Baker, C. M. Gray, and S.-C. Yen, “Sorting Overlapping Spike Waveforms from Electrode and Tetrode Recordings,” Frontiers in neuroinformatics, vol. 11, p. 53, 2017 (full text)

C. Libedinsky, R. So, Z. Xu, T. K. Kyar, D. Ho, C. Lim, L. Chan, Y. Chua, L. Yao, J. H. Cheong, J. H. Lee, K. V. Vishal, Y. Guo, Z. N. Chen, L. K. Lim, P. Li, L. Liu, X. Zou, K. K. Ang, Y. Gao, W. H. Ng, B. S. Han, K. Chng, C. Guan, M. Je, and S.-C. Yen, “Independent Mobility Achieved through a Wireless Brain-Machine Interface,” PLoS ONE, vol. 11, no. 11, p. e0165773, Nov. 2016 (full text)


“Selective activation of individual neurons is a cornerstone of our modern understanding of how brain activity relates to cognitive processes, such as perception, attention, memory and decision making. However, understanding neuronal activity in the context of other brain cells (i.e. networks of neurons) is essential to achieve a deeper understanding of brain function.”

— Libedinsky Lab (Image: Parthasarathy et al. 2017)


Implantable wireless multi-channel EMG/ENG recording system (Dr. Shih-Cheng Yen Laboratory)

Implantable wireless multi-channel EMG/ENG recording system (Dr. Shih-Cheng Yen Laboratory)

Our research interests include neural coding, mechanisms underlying computation in the visual system, visual psychophysics, and biological models of the visual system.
— Dr. Shih-Cheng Yen Laboratory



SINAPSE Investigators lead preeminent teams at the interface of nanoscience and applied nanotechnology.

Bin LIU, Provost’s Chair Professor and Head of Department in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering is developing a broad spectrum of novel nanomaterial platforms for applications ranging from medicine to energy. In a recent study, theranostic probes were developed for image-guided tumor resection and a host of other indications.

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Prof. Bin Liu Group Webpage

Liu et al., Chemical Science, 2017 Apr 1; 8(4): 2782–2789.

Liu et al., Chemical Science, 2017 Apr 1; 8(4): 2782–2789.

Prof. Bin Liu’s overall research goal is to design multifunctional materials with optimized architecture and performance for applications in bionanotechnology and sustainable energy.
— Bin Liu Research Group

Provost’s Chair Professor Xiaogang Liu and his team are developing a powerful new class of upconversion nanomaterials that have demonstrated wide-spanning impact for applications ranging from diagnostics to optogenetics.

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Prof. Xiaogang Liu Group Website

My general interests encompass supramolecular chemistry, materials science, and nanotechnology, which are focused on developing fundamental methodologies for synthesis and characterization of optically active nanomaterials
— Prof. Xiaogang Liu

Analytical Platforms

SINAPSE Investigators John Ho, Benjamin Tee, and Yi-Chin Toh are developing an array of devicesfor applications ranging from wireless power for medical implants, electronic skin for sensing, and cellular interrogation chip platforms.


SOX2 (red) and F-actin (green) in a micropatterned human neuroectoderm tissue (Dr. Yi-Chin Toh Laboratory)

Dinh-Tuan Phan ,  Lin Jin ,  Shofarul Wustoni  and  Chia-Hung Chen ,  Lab Chip , 2018,18, 574-584.

Dinh-Tuan Phan, Lin Jin, Shofarul Wustoni and Chia-Hung Chen, Lab Chip, 2018,18, 574-584.

Medical Mechatronics

SINAPSE Investigator Hongliang Ren is harnessing novel approaches to develop robotic devices to improve outcomes for procedures ranging from image-guided intravascular intervention to laparoscopic surgery.

Image: Dr. Hongliang Ren Laboratory

Image: Dr. Hongliang Ren Laboratory

Neuromorphic Vision

SINAPSE Investigator Garrick Orchard is making pioneering advances in the field of neuromorphic vision to redefine the sensing field.

Image: Dr. Garrick Orchard Laboratory

Image: Dr. Garrick Orchard Laboratory