Poonam Rai


Poonam has vast administrative experience within the University. Currently, she leads the Grants Administration section, in addition to being the Institute’s Secretariat and overall in-charge of Core Budget. She holds a BA (Distinction) from RMIT in Mass Communication. During her free time, Poonam loves to read sci-fi books and experiments with vegetable farming which she finds very therapeutic.

John Priyanka.jpg

Priyanka John


Priyanka John obtained a Bachelors in Banking & Finance (First Class Honors). She handles all finance matters of SINAPSE. She plays an integral part in coordinating the fiscal infrastructure of the Institute, and works with SINAPSE investigators, administrative team, and Institute partners in matters ranging from funding to personnel. Her hobbies include dancing and playing tennis.


Noor Julihaty Binte Jufri


Noor Julihaty handles all Procurement matters of N.1.   Her role is to raise purchase orders according to users requirement, assist with financial transaction process and handles departmental procurement activities. Her hobbies includes travelling, driving up to Malaysia and swimming.

Si Ying copy.jpg

Si Ying KHEW

Human Resources/PA

Si Ying is overseeing HR Administration. She has a background in Engineering research B.Eng & M.Eng. Her keen interest in the outdoors finds her often at home with Mother Nature.